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Nail Polish for Boys? Absolutely!

Brittany McCabe

accessories for kids

Nail Polish for Boys? Absolutely!

Mama over at Mama Writes Reviews checked out yo yo yellow and blaster blue and her two boys LOVED it!

“I've made it a point in my parenting life to let the boys play with whatever toys they wanted, even if it was a "girl" toy. They have a doll that they take care of here and there, and for a long time, Cocoa Puff's favorite color was pink. Totally works for me... I'm all for letting my kids express themselves in whatever creative way it might be.”

To check out the full article, head over to Mama Writes Reviews.

Why I chose to Let My Son Paint His Nails

Brittany McCabe

Why I chose to let my son paint his nails

kids nail polish

“FE expert and writer Brittany McCabe has launched Alpha Kids, the first-ever nail polish for girls and BOYS. She discusses why she lets her own son paint his nails and how it welcomes creativity and artistic expression.”

There has been a lot of press over the last few years of celebrities painting their kids nails and other male celebrities flaunting their own brightly colored nails. In 2017, Allure highlighted strong men who wear nail polish and why stigmas against them shouldn’t exist. Some of the celebrities mentioned in this article are Zac Efron, Hemsworth brothers, K-pop stars, and even YouTube influencers. These individuals are letting it be known that nail polish is okay for boys and girls alike, and helping to break down the gender-biased walls and paving a path for a more accepting and colorful future.

To see the full article, head over to Family Education.

Nail Polish for Girls and BOYS?

Brittany McCabe

Nail polish for girls and BOYS?

natural nail polish

Think nail polish is just for girls? Think again! Because all kids should have fun, Alpha Kids set out to change the conversation around nail polish, offering the first-ever nail polish for girls and boys. All children are given the creative freedom to use their imagination, experiment with color so leave your stereotypes at the door because we focus on exploration, individuality, and artistry. It is important for girls and boys to be given equal opportunities to imagine, learn, and create.

Check out the full article published on Red Tricycle.