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safe nail polish

 The Founder: Brittany McCabe is a mama bear of a little girl and a little boy. Brittany received an M.A. degree in Early Childhood Development and worked for nearly 20 years as a child development specialist. Currently, she runs an educational website called Mama Bear Britt and works as a child development specialist for Los Angeles County. As a child development specialist and a mom, she knows the importance of inspiring and encouraging the developing brain, soul, and spirit of her children, thus, The Alpha Kids was born.

The Alpha Kids was created to give all kids the opportunity to creative freedom and creative expression. Encouraging a child to be creative is extremely important to their growth and development. Creativity, by whichever modality they are drawn towards, helps a child process and cope with their thoughts, emotions, and feelings. By encouraging a child to express him/herself, it helps boost self-confidence and paves the path for a healthy social and emotional foundation. Plus, color is FUN!

kids natural nail polish

As a mom of a both genders, Brittany is careful to focus on providing stimulating materials that span all developmental domains, instead of focusing on gender specific toys. Children of all gender should be given equal opportunities of development, regardless of what category they fall into. Children just want to explore their natural sense of wonder and creativity, if they are not hung up on gender stereotypes, why should we be? Both of her children are drawn to art and when her son expressed interest to have color on his nails, too, she of course complied. Because color on nails is just that, plain and simple.

Mission Statement: To encourage ALL kids to have fun with color, if they want to! Creative artistic expression for both boys and girls, through dramatic play not bound by gender. With The Alpha Kids, all kids are represented.

Process: The Alpha Kids polishes are hand crafted in small batches and made local in the USA. The ingredients are safe and non-toxic for little nails. Their formula is vegan, clean and free from 10 of the most common and toxic nail polish ingredients.

safe nail polish

Company Facts: We are located in Los Angeles, California and have been in business since June, 2019.

Press Release: People are talking about The Alpha Kids! We have been featured on Parents Magazine, Red Tricycle, Family Education,, Hello Giggles, and Mama Writes Reviews!

safe nail polish
safe nail polish
safe nail polish
safe nail polish



safe nail polish
  1. Is The Alpha Kids Non-Toxic? Yes! The Alpha Kids nail polishes are Kid-friendly, not harmful, & free of harsh chemicals.

  2. What does 10-free mean? Our nail polishes are free from toxic chemicals that are included in most nail polishes. We are free from: Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP, Camphor, Formaldehyde resin, Xylene, Parabens, Ethyl Tosylamide, Triphenyl, Phosphate, Also free from Fragrances.

  3. Isn’t nail polish for girls? It’s just color! We as society put meaning and emphasis on products and gender, but kids just want to have FUN. Prejudices and stereotypes are LEARNED behaviors. If your son loves the color purple because he smelled a sweet flower on a walk, now he requests the color purple in all of his color choices, would you tell him he can’t, because that's for girls? If your son loves how fast cheetahs can run and saw a cheetah print shirt, that happens to be in the girl section, would you tell him he can’t wear it because it’s for girls? If your son thought the challenge of playing in his mom’s high heeled shoes was SO fun because it’s difficult to walk while trying to balance on tiptoes; would you tell him he can’t because those shoes are for girls? So, why should we tell our boys that nail polish is just for girls?

  4. Are there any studies to help support this thinking? You Betcha! 1. Dr. Allan Schore did an empirical research study about the neurology development in boys. 2. The quiet rise in gender neutral toys. 3. 5 Hidden Dangers when Little Boys Plays with Dolls. 4. Why Boys Need to Play With Girl Toys Too. 5. Why Kids Love to Play Dress Up. 6. The Reverse Gender Gap. 7. The Fight Back Against Gender Toys.