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About The Alpha Kids

Nail polishes for girls and boys. Nails polishes for all kids. Girls nail polishes. Boys nail polishes. Kids nail polishes. Natural nail polishes. Kids nail polishes. Non-toxic nail polishes.

Inspired by original, brave, and super kids!

kids nail polish
kids nail polish

About Us:

The Alpha Kids was founded by Brittany McCabe, a mama bear of a little girl and a little boy. Brittany received an M.A. degree in Early Childhood Development and worked for nearly 20 years as a child development specialist. Currently, she runs an educational website called Mama Bear Britt and works as a child development specialist for the Los Angeles County Regional Center. As a mom of a girl and a boy, she knows the importance of inspiring and encouraging the developing brain, soul, and spirit of her children, thus, The Alpha Kids was born.

The Alpha Kid’s nail polishes are designed for All children! Girls and BOYS should feel free to express their individuality in artistic, creative, and colorful ways.

We want the BEST for our children. We want our children to succeed, to grow, to be kind, to learn, and to question their world. We want our children to be happy and to be good humans. We want our children to be able to express themselves wholeheartedly, freely, and without judgment. Building solid foundations start with love, acceptance, imagination, and color!

kids natural nail polish
kids natural nail polish
kids nail polish